UBXS Token stepped into the real world.

Our goal with this project is to unite the physical world and the virtual world (metaverse) by melting in the same pot of the real estate market which has a market volume of 100 trillion dollars and blockchain, web 3.0, metaverse, tokenomics, NFT technologies.

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Bixos develops advanced blockchain technologies.

Today, blockchain technologies have become more stable and applicable to the physical world. After the introduction of NFTs, blockchain technologies are able to connect with the physical world. As another major development, thanks to the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the doors of decentralized corporations on the blockchain have now been opened without the need for the approval of a central authority. As Bixos Inc., we are working on current trends and a project that will shape the future. Together with our expert software team and blockchain experts, we bring you the future.


Bixos created a new technology for performing UBXS-BXS Token swap easily and safely. To explore and see what BXS Token can offer you, visit nftstake.bixos.io, create your NFT-Stake and shape the future of real estate.

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January 2022

The whitepaper for the UBXS Token is completed
The UBXS Token website is launched
The UBXS Token is released to the market
Advertising works have started

February 2022

Start of coding Bixos DAO-LLC Smart Contract
Start of coding the BXS Token Smart Contract
Preparation of Bixos DAO-LLC webpage
Start of coding the UBXS Token Swap Smart Contract
Application for Bixos DAO-LLC
Determination of Bixos DAO Board of Directors

March 2022

Creation of the Real Estate NFT standards
Launch of the Bixos DAO-LLC website
The implementation of the Bixos DAO-LLC Board of Directors draft and voting structure
Taking a vote and determination of initial values by Bixos DAO-LLC Board of Directors
Realization of UBXS Token - BXS Token Swap
Start of coding the Bixos Real Estate Smart Contract
First real meeting of Bixos DAO-LLC Board of Directors

April 2022

Completion of coding the Bixos Real Estate Smart Contract
Preparation of Bixos Marketplace website
Start of coding the Bixos Marketplace Smart Contract

May 2022

Formation of the board of directors after the BXS Token Public Sale
Creation of management chart and inauguration of Bixos CEO
NFTization of the first real estates
Start of coding the real estate owners panel
The BXS Token Public Sale I

June 2022

The BXS Token Public Sale II
Start of coding the Bixos Insurance Smart Contract
Preparation of Bixos Insurance website
Completion of coding the real estate owners panel

July 2022

Deploying Marketplace Smart Contract
Deploying Marketplace website
First NFTs goes up for sale on the marketplace
Selling the first NFT on the marketplace and putting our stamp on history
Submission of the first quarterly report

August 2022

Deploying the Bixos Insurance Smart Contract
Deploying the Bixos Insurance website
Start of coding the Bixos Inheritance Smart Contract
Preparation of the Bixos Inheritance webpage

September 2022

Start of R&D
Identifying market needs and requirements
Starting practices on requirements

October 2022

Submission of the quarterly report
Deploying the Bixos Inheritance Smart Contract
Deploying the Bixos Inheritance webpage

November 2022

Focusing on marketing projects for increasing our market share

December 2022

Submission of the R&D report and creation of the implementation plan
Continuing market expansion

Allocation Plan

Allocation Plan
Allocation of Resources

Total Amount - 100,000,000

  • %36 Reserve
  • 26% Liquidity
  • 10% Seed Sale
  • 10% Company Reserve
  • 8% Marketing
  • 5% Team
  • 5% Advisors

Board of Directors

Mikail Emre CALISKAN

Mikail is a blockchain entrepreneur who created multiple solutions and technologies in the crypto industry. As CEO and Founder of Bixos, Mikail is bringing blockchain-enabled technologies and financial services to the world. He started out in his career as a mathematical engineer but was also studying the underlying computer science fields that gave birth to blockchain technology. These fields are Cryptography, Disturbed Computing, and Mechanism Design, all of which lay the foundations for his future endeavors.


Issa Sammak is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, Investor, and author. He is the founder and chairman of Growide Digital, BIODASH, and Baliwhite, three powerhouse brands that operate worldwide. Sammak is best known for starting a brand from scratch and growing it so fast using his strategies and has pioneered the know-how that a brand needs to succeed in the market. Sammak has been helping big brands and Franchise companies and has created an extensive network throughout his career to give brands and enterprises immediate exposure through his business-aligned strategy.


Can manages the strategic and operational initiatives of Bixos at the parent level as well as subsidiary level. He has a very strong interest in software and blockchain solutions that improve bottom-line results. And he has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency space for more than 6 years. With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing he has built a solid network of connections and a close pulse on the ecosystem. He understands how to lead campaigns that speak to both deep insiders as well as newcomers entering the space.

Umurcan GORUR

Umur brings more than two decades of engineering and development experience to his role overseeing the technology and infrastructure at Bixos. He has extensive experience with process optimization and automation. He has managed projects and has worked with the largest engineering companies and governmental sectors in Turkey. He was one of the first bitcoin owners in Turkey and has been actively learning about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Umur is currently responsible for the technical aspects of dashboard building, running instructions, and API management.

Partners and Consultants

Nermin KAYA
Architect - Professional Real Estate Consultant

Since 2013, she has been serving as an expert consultant in the real estate sector, mainly in Commercial Real Estate. She is an award-winning consultant who has professionally integrated the profession of architecture into real estate consultancy. Read More...

Seyit Ali ALKAN

Lawyer Seyit Ali ALKAN provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to capital companies. Together with his partners, he offers fast and reliable solutions to problems related to commercial law. He carries out professional studies by closely following the effects of technological developments on the law.

Our Team

Back End Developer
Atilla GUNES
Graphic Designer
Aydın ACAR
Front End Developer
Bekir Samet SIRINEL
Back End Developer
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer
Front End Developer
Finance Officer
Handan YOLAK
Front End Developer
Digital Marketing Specialist
Yusufcan YILMAZ
Front End Developer
Front End Developer
Furkan AVCI
Web 3.0 Developer
Front End Developer
Web 3.0 Developer
Front End Developer
Smart Contract Developer
Front End Developer
Ahmet Mert GOKCE
Smart Contract Developer
Egemen ONGEL
Mobile Developer
Mobile Developer
Front End Developer

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