Nermin KAYA
Architect - Professional Real Estate Consultant

Since 2013, she has been serving as an expert consultant in the real estate sector, mainly in Commercial Real Estate. She is an award-winning consultant who has professionally integrated the profession of architecture into real estate consultancy. With "Real Estate Appraisal Expertise", "Making a High Difference in Service", "Expertise in Expropriation Cases", "Zoning Legislation", "Top Producer" and many other trainings, she has been among the TOP 100 consultants with the highest sales every year, not only in Turkey but also globally. She is a highly skilled and sought-after consultant in fast and accurate appraisal. She provides investment consultancy services to many domestic and international companies. Throughout her career, she is a consultant who has become a brand in her area of ​​expertise with a consultant line focused on customer satisfaction and high service quality. She is the only name you will call for the most accurate result in the shortest time.